Our Story

Revolutionising Your Brand
Out of Box Designs, founded in 2009 London, is an independent digital agency, rendering integrated digital and marketing services globally. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and skills, with all our highly professional and trained team. We started with an ambitious two, later forming the team of many. Over the years, we have come a long way, from providing web and graphic solutions to a full-service digital agency. This is how we reached here.

The Journey Begins
Making Digitalisation Matter!

An inspirational idea – that’s all it took in 2009 to initiate the concept for one of a kind web and graphic designing agency, passionately committed to delivering ingenious strategies and evolving one’s online presence to inspire and entice customers to act. We are Out of Box Designs – shaping your brand’s digital existence.

It takes more than magic – passion and people are what makes it worthwhile. It happened when Omar Alee and Dr. Nousheen Zakaria, two entrepreneurial minds, shared secrets of successful ideas and translated them to form their tech startup. Both award-winning entrepreneurs having extensive experience, combined with exceptional technical and incredible management skills, started doing wonders.

While still in infancy, our fully integrated development house filled with talented, passionate, hardworking, and keen developers and designers started attracting multiple local clients. Later, the startup embarked on a mission to mesmerise and lead brands. We collaborate, work and succeed together – bringing strategy, creativity, clients and customers into alignment as one clear and common cause.

After gaining significant traction and getting inspired by our industry experiences, we decided to outset a full flash digital agency, primarily focusing on creativity, exclusivity, customer satisfaction, and desired outputs. With the contribution of intellectual, Out of Box continued to deliver top-notch IT, web and graphic services and emerged as a burgeoning startup globally. After serving eminent names, we expanded our footprints to serve giants.

While maintaining healthy corporate relationships with UK and US markets, Out of Box Designs stepped into the UAE’s market. In 2017, we diversified our client base while simplifying the complexities of having a notable presence. We expanded from a small UK-based startup to a global team with offices worldwide in the US, Canada, UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Australia, and Pakistan.

Over the years, we have come a long way from a team of two, from making websites and rendering IT services to a full-service digital agency. We gradually and steadily continued expanding our services on a case-by-case basis, leveraging the skills and competencies we already had to help our clients build and strengthen their online presence. The demand increased, leading to the full suite of digital services offered at Out of Box Designs.

As we have grown, our clients have moved along. We are proud to have worked with such a diverse range of businesses around the globe and still aim to provide the same accessible and affordable services that we have provided all along.

Out of Box Designs – Making your Digital Goals a Reality!


How We Progressed

Out of Box Designs came into existence in 2009, with just two entrepreneurial minds – Omar Alee and Nousheen Zakariafrom to form a tech startup. Having experience of over 13 years, we have set up numerous startups and accelerated several businesses.  
While Out of Box Designs was still in its infancy, it gradually started to attract local clients. The startup embarked on leading brands with a purpose via premier graphic designing and web development services.
2011 - A phase when redundancies surged, hitting the global economy hard. Despite the hovering uncertainty, Out of Box Designs managed to sail across the season of dubiety, keeping the existing client base intact.
In 2012, Out of Box Designs gained significant traction within the local market of the UK. A company that started as a startup of two visionaries eventually expanded into a bustling crew of inventors. With intellectuals contributing to the company's growth, the company attracted and expanded its subscriber base staggeringly.
Carrying forward its legacy of delivering top-notch IT services, Out of Box Designs appeared on the global map as a burgeoning startup, facilitating multinational firms like the University of Leeds & the University of Reading, adapting them to the ever-evolving landscapes
After working for the eminent names of the UK market, Out of Box Designs expanded its footprint globally, serving some of the global giants like Uber, United Nations and Pepsi.
While sustaining healthy corporate relationships with a business-first approach in the UK and US market, Out of Box Designs made it to the UAE's leading multinational firms like Dubai Tourism, Careem and Etihad Rail.
After an uninterrupted series of successful endeavours, the Brexit transaction took place. The sudden transition left corporate leaders in awe. However, even that prolonged period of negative growth didn't deter the founders of Out of Box Designs from putting their best foot forward.
In 2017, Out of Box Designs diversified its client base, helping clients like the British Council, The Imperial College, Pepsi and Belvita to leverage their investment while simplifying the complexities of having a notable online presence.
Being high-trust technology advisors, Out of Box Designs founders fueled their lifelong mission of helping clients focus on what their business does best. Their remarkable history over the years validates their brilliant present.
Out of Box Designs rose to be an industry-leading name known for adding true business value based on its technical competence. We expanded from a small UK-based startup to a global team with offices worldwide in the US, Canada, UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Australia, and Pakistan.
2020 the year of new work realities! The sudden closure and stagnant corporate situation took its toll on our growth, and the agony was severe. However, the confident founders of Out of Box Designs paved a path out of uncertainty, healing the lasting scars of the pandemic.
Fast forward to 2021, successfully mitigating the aftereffects of the pandemic, Out of Box Designs has now emerged as a hub of comprehensive IT solutions. Though the unexpected ending of Brexit's transition period left us overwhelmed, we believe in moving forward with hope. Out of Box Designs isn't restricted to serving a specific region but the entire global marketplace.

Exciting + Inspring Feature

Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Out of Box designs. We keep you informed about everything, from the first time you are exposed to our brand till the years we are still supporting and facilitating your brand.

Quality Work

Every project we take on is another opportunity to showcase our talent and commitment to deliver the best possible. We strive hard to render the most innovative, creative and professional services. All of the services are supervised from scratch till the final product to ensure consistency.

Customer Success

We celebrate to know each of our clients’ success. We don’t just work for them; we build relationships that yield results and years of togetherness.


We utilise all our expertise to the optimum level by consuming all the available resources. Learning never stops; that is why we keep pushing our team to stay focused and aware of the market trends and technologies to be innovative in every unique way.

Technology Focused

We drive business by being technologically driven in everything we do. We use automated tools, the latest trends and techniques and current market trends to enhance efficiency and produce better results.

Team Player

Our human capital is passionate about result based growth. We are always looking for the brightest minds, give them a great place to work, so their efficiency and creativity never stop.

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