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Four factors affecting SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is essential to running a successful website. But if you are still wondering why search engines rank certain websites higher than others, we are here to help you find out. We will share some factors that affect SEO to help you develop a more SEO-friendly website.

With a better understanding of how SEO works, you should be able to improve your website and start seeing better results. So, here are four factors that affect SEO both directly and indirectly.

Page Speed

Page speed is how quickly the content on your page loads. Your website’s page speed can be affected by videos and images, coding issues, and too many plugins. Regularly checking your website for junk code and unnecessary plugins that may slow down your page speed is always a good idea.

Mobile Responsiveness

An increasingly large percentage of search traffic now originates from mobile devices. And search engines have accordingly made mobile responsiveness a factor in SEO. Optimising your website to be more mobile-friendly can improve your SEO metrics. Check your analytics regularly and especially when you update your website, to ensure that its performance on mobile devices is satisfactory to keep your SEO rankings stable.

Index Date

Indexing is when a search engine finds content and adds that content to its index. A search engine will prioritise pages that offer relevant and accurate information based on when content is indexed. If your website has a lot of information on pages that go back years, it might be worth updating those pages with new information to ensure that they are updated and reindexed by search engines. Not only will this make your older pages relevant, but it will also save time and effort on your part in creating new content.

Dwell Time

An indirect factor affecting SEO rankings, dwell time is how long a visitor spends on a page on your website. It is how long a user takes to check out your web page before clicking back to their search results. If a web page has a low dwell time, it means that, most likely, the page did not match up with the user’s search intent. Dwell time as a metric indirectly tells search engines how valuable your content is to the visitor. So the more time they spend on your page, the more relevant it is to them.


With a better understanding of the factors that influence SEO rankings, you should now be able to boost your rankings in search engine results. So the next time you create content on your website, keep these four points in mind. For more tips and tricks on improving your website’s SEO-friendliness and bringing more traffic to your website, have a look at some of our other articles and blogs. We love to share our knowledge and are constantly adding more information to help others improve their website performance, so check back regularly.

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