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How Laravel has evolved as one of the most in-demand Programming Languages of 2020

Laravel – a free and open-source PHP framework – was originally introduced as a better alternative to the CodeIgniter framework.

It featured a handful of useful features such as integrated support for user authentication and authorization – features that were nowhere to be found in the CodeIgniter framework – making the web development process unnecessarily difficult.

With the inclusion of such fantastic features, Laravel’s popularity and demand soared considerably. In fact, majority of developers believe that it’s easily among the best PHP frameworks to use in 2020.

In this piece, we take a brief look at how Laravel has evolved into one of the best, most in-demand programming languages.

Laravel’s innovative feature-set   

Blade templating engine

The integrated template engine is nothing short of impressive and innovative. The highlight of this robust templating engine is that developers can use plain PHP code in views. The designed blade views are automatically cached and compiled inside the framework until you modify them. Blade lets you remove or modify any statement easily.


Artisan, a dedicated command line interface within Laravel, serves many critical processes like package asset publishing and database migration management. It even generates a boilerplate code for new models, migrations and controllers.

This allows developers to save lots of time and effort because Artisan automatically completes many tedious tasks that come with a web development project.

Object oriented libraries

Laravel also boasts superb Object Oriented Libraries, including the pre-existing library collection, Authentication Library. Object-oriented libraries like these are not available in other well-known PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and Symphony.

The Authentication Library is loaded with many advanced features such as Bcrypt Hashing, Password Reset, Checking Active Users and Cross-site Request Forgery Encryption.


Laravel supports the MVC architectures which include many integrated functionalities, helping developers boost their web app performance. Not only that, but MVC also offers improved documentation capabilities.

Multiple File Systems

The Laravel PHP framework offers integrated support for Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Storage and the local cloud storage system.

Switching between the various cloud storage systems is a breeze since they all share the same API. This allows developers to use all cloud systems as deemed necessary through a single application.


Laravel ensures that your web applications remain safe and secure at all times. The passwords, for instance, are never saved in plain text within the framework.

With SQL statements at the core, Laravel also helps protect from injection attacks, thanks to multiple security features including Protecting Routes, Encryption and HTTP Basic Authentication.

Package installation system

Up until Laravel 5.5 was released, the current packaging system held back development speed. With version 5.5 came an intuitive feature: Automatic Package Discovery – something which lets developers automatically identify the package which needs to be installed.

In closing

Laravel’s demand as one of the most sought after languages of 2020 is well-justified. Majority of online web apps and eCommerce websites are utilizing the PHP framework because it is easily among the most reliable, capable and secure programming languages for website development today.

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