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Mashups of 2D & 3D trending in Graphic Design.

There is quite a lot of diversity in the different types of graphic design. So, it is hardly surprising that a broad range of trends is taking shape at any time. As we have done before, we will look at another trend many artists and designers currently apply to their work. Today, we will be talking about the trend of combining 3D & 2D elements.

This mashup style is very straightforward but quite unique and visually appealing. It combines 2D design elements with 3D design elements to create a uniquely attractive new technique that is more than the sum of its parts. This design trend has broad applicability and works surprisingly well in different formats, from creative illustrations to eye-catching animations.

The use of 3D has been on the rise for quite some time now, and as this new trend shows, it is still going strong. However, as with anything that becomes popular, it can become stale once too many people start following a trend.

That is where this new trend evolution brings new life into the over-saturated field of 3D designs. By combining 3D elements with 2D visuals, artists and designers create intriguing new ways to get their designs to life. 

Mashups of 2D and 3D elements can help create immersive designs that blur the distinction between the different elements. These mashups make everything in the design seem more active and alive, giving a unique feel to the finished products.  

And the creativity of designers and artists has led to very innovative design ideas ranging from the simple to the most intricate. These different mashups, when done well, can fully take advantage of the best aspects of both styles. From web design solutions to typography, mashups of 2D & 3D have become one of the most popular trends of 2022 in the design world. 

This trend is especially seeing great use in animations, where the mashup of the two styles makes visuals more attention-grabbing. For example, the combination of 3D activity on 2D backgrounds gives a sense of depth to the visuals that might not otherwise be present. 

While there is no telling when a new design trend may arise to grasp designers’ imaginations, at least this trend is still going strong for the moment. 

To stay updated on the various trends that have appeared and continue to emerge in graphics design, be sure to have a look at some of our other articles. They might give you inspiration for your next design project. 

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