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Animated videos are something that are vastly growing in popularity, as more businesses look for brand new ways to boost their marketing drives. 3D animation in particular is a fantastic way to break down complex process in an informative manner.

Different 3D Animation Styles
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3D animated videos can act as a powerful tool to not only fuel your marketing campaigns but also to explain how a new product or service can change people’s lives. For instance, if you’re planning a big product launch and want a quick and cost-effective way of informing people the key advantages, then a beautifully crafted animated video can do a lot more than just ‘get the job done’. In fact, it can achieve but desired goal within seconds, as opposed to other means of marketing like online banners.

At Out of Box Designs, we offer a complete variety of 3D animation styles to help you meet your marketing goals and bottom line. But that’s not all – our animated videos will also help you boost your website’s SEO.

Why Choose Us

Custom Designs
With us, there’s no such thing as a standard template for 3D animated videos. Every concept, art, storyboard and script is prepared from scratch to meet you requirements.
Unlimited Revisions
Given the nature of 3D animated videos, there’s a lot of room for experimenting with different styles and concepts. If the art and narrative doesn’t grab you instantly, we’ll do unlimited revisions until it does.
Experienced Team
Our in-house animation team has years of experience working with all kinds of businesses, helping them market key messages. They’ll drive the same value for you through stunning 3D animations.
Prompt Delivery
We’re very particular about deadlines here at Our of Box Designs and take your timelines very seriously. However, if a deadline is too stiff, we’ll let you know upfront in a polite and frank manner.
Money Back Guarantee
Even though our animators work very hard to live up to client expectations, the end result can sometimes fall short. If you’re not happy with how things turn out, we’ll process a refund right away.
Friendly & Customer-centric Service
Our team loves collaborating with clients, getting to know their business and personalising with them at every opportunity. They value client relationships about everything else and enjoy going the extra mile.


At Out of Box Designs, we believe that every business, irrespective of scale or sector, should be able to utilise high-quality 3D animation videos to clearly communicate ideas, messages and their value proposition. After all, quality animations that drive sales and boost rankings online isn’t something that only large companies with big budgets should be able to afford. Our simple three-step process ensures that your goals are met in a cost-effective and timely manner:

Brief Analysis

Sit down with our animation team and tell us what your marketing and advertising goals are. Our team will devise a story and artwork that faithfully relays your key messaging.

Draft & Design

We’ll take your 3D animation storytelling to a whole new level by adding a convincing narrative along with other visual and illustrative finishing touches to really wow and mesmerise your audience.

Revisions & Delivery

After you’ve had a chance to fully review and scrutinise the finished 3D animation clip, we’d be happy to perform further refinements to your liking before posting it across your online platforms.

our Works

Every 3D animation that we produce, we do our level best to capture the essence of the key messages our clients want to relay. To date, we have helped businesses across nearly every sector project their vision, ideas and concepts through fantastic artwork and illustrations in richly detailed 3D glory. Our animators integrate the finest digital tools and concepts to offer exceptional results. Here’s a look at some of our finest work.

Megan M.
Summer Camp Group
Assistant Director

Out of Box Designs team was exceptionally professional, creative, and timely. I would wholeheartedly use them again. Very impressed.

Issimo Salesforce Consultancy

Maria and her team turned my basic draft into a highly professional presentation that we now show on our website. Really pleased with the work and would definitely use again.

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There is no question about it: in the modern digital age where people can dedicate only so much attention to advertisement and marketing content, it’s important to quickly give them a handful of reasons so as to why you’re the ultimate solution provider. And this is where our expertise as 3D animators comes in. We’re a 3D animation agency that prides itself in offering quality results at affordable prices.

Business Development Head

With over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service, Nousheen and her team have solutions for all your requirements.

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Business Development Team

Our dedicated sales and support team is available from 8am to 5pm (UK time), Monday to Friday.

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    No matter what your end-goal, our 3D animated video can get your key messages across within seconds.


    Through a creative narrative, we will break down complex processes into simple, fun and easy to understand information.


    Search engines love websites that have meaningful videos compared to those that don’t – we certainly have you covered in that area!


    From sales and marketing videos to those highlighting your value proposition, our animators can work with a variety of styles.

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