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Three reasons data visualisation is important

Given the importance of data in the modern world, it can be understood why data visualisation is so important. Data visualisation is a method for data to be simplified, making it easier for the target audience to understand the key points contained within the data. We will be looking at three reasons why data visualisation is important.

Many different data visualisation methods exist, such as charts, graphs and even maps. They are each useful for presenting different kinds of data in a more accessible and easier-to-understand manner. So, let us look at three reasons why visualising your data is so important.


One of the primary purposes of data visualisation is to provide information. Data in its raw form can be pretty challenging to understand and might even intimidate the general audience with its complexity. Data visualisation, however, allows us to focus on and present the most crucial data points to the audience. At the same time, the visual elements highlight this information and can showcase why it is essential. For example, data visualisation in the form of a map of foot traffic can highlight what parts of an area are the most frequently visited and, with an accompanying copy, can explain why that is the case.


Another reason that data visualisation is so helpful is that it makes it easier to make well-informed decisions. Large amounts of data can be challenging to go through and highly time-consuming. With the effective use of data visualisation, you can more efficiently find the relevant points and better understand the information being presented. This improvement in the decision-making process is especially significant for organisations and government institutions that regularly deal with large quantities of data. An example of this would be a data visualisation of crime rates in different parts of a city, which can help the local government deploy the police force more effectively.


When well-made, data visualisations are visually attractive and far more appealing than large chunks of raw data. We can also use data visualisations to create an interesting narrative regarding the data. That makes them more compelling and more accessible to engage with for the general audience. An example of this would be to utilise a line graph to follow the growth of multiple automobile manufacturers during a ten-year period. Not only does this demonstrate their individual development, but it also allows the audience to see a comparison between them.

These are three reasons why data visualisation is so important and how it helps make data more manageable. To learn more about data visualisation and its applications in the modern world and how you can utilise it to your advantage, check out our articles on the subject.

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