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Three tips to conduct an SEO audit

One of the most effective ways to make sure that your website is seen and visited by your target audience is by having robust search engine optimisation on your website. Therefore, conducting regular audits of your website’s SEO is crucial. Now you may be wondering how to conduct an SEO audit. Do not worry because today we will share with you three tips to conduct an SEO audit effectively.

But first, let us look at what an SEO audit means. An SEO audit is a way to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the SEO on your website. An SEO audit helps you measure your website’s performance by tracking how often your website shows up when you search for particular keywords. Now that you understand an SEO audit let us look at the three things you need to check to conduct an SEO audit.


When conducting an SEO audit, you should start by checking your website’s performance against various keywords. To do that, we must consider what relevant keywords your audience uses most often when searching for your website. Once you have a list of keywords for the SEO audit, you will want to check the related SEO analytics for these keywords. These analytics include looking at how many visitors are coming to your website, how long they are staying on the page and how long they remain on your website overall. Google Analytics is a great tool you can use to help you out with the SEO audit. Make sure that you fully utilise these keywords in your website’s content to maximise the performance of your SEO strategy.


Once you have checked the keywords, you should start analysing your website’s traffic. To do this, you need first to determine a timeframe to check. Take the website’s traffic at the beginning of the month and compare it to the beginning of the month at the previous quarter, for example. To make sure that your SEO audit is effective and useful, you must set goals for the audit to measure, such as maintaining high traffic levels to your website. These goals will allow you to judge the SEO performance when you do these audits and provide an ongoing element to measure your growth against. Again, Google Analytics will be helpful as it provides the data you need to track your performance and whether you are meeting your goals for your SEO performance.


Another crucial part of your SEO audit is to check the performance of your website’s pages in terms of bringing in traffic. This part of the audit will help you determine your best and worst-performing pages in terms of traffic. Once you know which of your pages are performing well and which are not, you can make improvements and revisions to the low-performing pages to bring them more in line with the high-performing ones. Search engines are generally looking for pages that have excellent, engaging content. The low-performing pages will likely require you to upgrade the quality of content to improve their performance. To check how well your pages perform SEO-wise, you can again use Google Analytics to check how long your audience stays on the different pages before clicking away.


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These steps will help you effectively conduct an SEO audit on your website. We highly recommend running regular, quarterly SEO audits of your website to ensure the best results. By running these audits, you will ensure that your SEO strategy is proceeding as planned and that you can stay on top of search engine results. For more information on improving your website’s SEO-friendliness to improve the flow of traffic to your digital platforms, check out some of our other articles and blogs. We love to share our knowledge and are constantly adding more information to help others improve their website performance, so check back regularly.

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