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Top 10 digital design tools you must learn in 2020

We believe the following ten digital design tools are something graphic designers must master in 2020 in order to not just bring their dreams to fruition, but also stay competitive.

Where musicians use a specific instrument to play a tune or an engineer uses the right materials and equipment to build a construction – a graphic designer also needs the right tools to create the desired visual art.

We believe the following ten digital design tools are something graphic designers must master in 2020 in order to not just bring their dreams to fruition, but also stay competitive.

10 Best Digital Design Tools to use in 2020

1. Procreate
The illustration app made exclusively for iPad is a superb tool for simplifying the steps you need to take as a graphic designer when illustrating anything. Not only is it intuitive but it also has an excellent and diverse selection of brushes.
Procreate works particularly well with Apple Pencil and lets you save as .PDF or .PSD, both of which seamlessly integrate with Adobe.

2. Clip Studio Paint
Digital artists love Clip Studio Paint because it is a far more budget-friendly alternative to Adobe Creative Suite. It’s also very simple and easy to use – using bitmap to allow artists to sketch highly detailed drawings using a PC or Mac with average specs – because it’s far less resource-hungry than a Vector-based software.

3. Adobe Photoshop
It’s inevitable that Photoshop ends up in every ‘top ten graphic design tools’ list because even to this day, it truly is in a league of its own, despite the broad array of raster graphics editing programs out there.
Photoshop has become the industry standard for altering digital photos and creating life-like computer art.

4. Adobe Creative Cloud Tools
Unsurprisingly, the video editing, graphic design and web development software has also become an industry standard. And you get absolutely fantastic results – whether you need a printable .PDF, an image format or web-optimized file – with top-notch quality in the smallest file size possible.

5. Adobe Illustrator
Yes – yet another Adobe makes the list! From logos to drawings to photos, Illustrator can generate all sorts of images. You’ll really appreciate the ease with which layers and the artboard can be adjusted. The output is flawless, whether you want to create logos, graphics, fonts or even cartoons.

6. Ron’s Brushes
Ron’s Brushes continues to be a top contender, found in the graphic design toolboxes of the most learned designers.
An excellent collection of illustrations and digital paintings, it can create top-quality effects for digital art and offers a generous collection of digital atmospheres and environments. The high-resolution brushes are super-easy to use – drag and drop, and you’re golden.

7. Myfonts.com
Hailed by many graphic designers as a “fonts galore”, Myfonts.com solves a critical problem for designers, thanks to its “WhatTheFont” feature: knowing the name of fonts that you’re using.
All you have to do is upload a screen grab of the text and the name pops up instantly. Free fonts are available as well as subscription-based exclusive fonts.

8. Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer is among the most popular vector graphics editors in existence today, offering advanced features to help you create icons, branding designs, illustrations, UI designs, web graphics and more.
The live and responsive nature of the design tool is considered its greatest strength to date.

9. Flaticon
As a graphic designer, you can never have access to too many illustrations and icons. After all, it’s a lot easier to customize pre-made assets rather than creating them afresh.
Flaticon offers well over a million vector icons in PSD, SVS, EPS and PNG formats.

10. DesignWizard
In the age of social media, it really pays to be familiar with design tools like DesignWizard – which helps you effortlessly create personalized videos and images optimized for the web and social media.

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